Content Test

Markdown support as the original framework.

Hyde is a brazen two-column Jekyll theme that pairs a prominent sidebar with uncomplicated content. It’s based on Poole, the Jekyll butler.

Built on Poole

Poole is the Jekyll Butler, serving as an upstanding and effective foundation for Jekyll themes by @mdo. Poole, and every theme built on it (like Hyde here) includes the following:

In addition to the features of Poole, Hyde adds the following:

Head to the readme to learn more.

Browser support

Hyde is by preference a forward-thinking project. In addition to the latest versions of Chrome, Safari (mobile and desktop), and Firefox, it is only compatible with Internet Explorer 9 and above.


Hyde is developed on and hosted with GitHub. Head to the GitHub repository for downloads, bug reports, and features requests.


Math Test

Let’s test some inline math $x$, $y$, $x_1$, $y_1$.

Now a inline math with special character: $ \psi\rangle$, $x’$, $x^*$.

Test a display math: Is it O.K.?

Test a display math with equation number: \begin{equation} |\psi_1\rangle = a|0\rangle + b|1\rangle \end{equation} Is it O.K.?

Test a display math with equation number in \eqref{eq:eq2}: Is it O.K.?

And test a display math without equaltion number: \begin{align*} |\psi_1\rangle &= a|0\rangle + b|1\rangle \
|\psi_2\rangle &= c|0\rangle + d|1\rangle \end{align*}